Return to All Japan news: All Japan news Day 1, Narita to Yokohama

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Day 1 of my return to All Japan news for a family visit.

Narita Airport

The All Japan newsese really know how to take pride in their surroundings. The airport was immaculately clean. We had arrived about 2pm in the afternoon. The flight over was pleasant and getting our luggage was easy. As I mentioned in the beginning the airport’s waiting area and concourse were immaculate. The only cleanest one I’ve ever been to.

Port of Yokohama

I can not remember the name of the river just now. It was a long nine hour flight from Hawaii so I’m anxious to reach our hotel and have dinner.

This part of Yokohama is heavy with industry. This picture was taken about 3:30pm! It was overcast but there seemed to be a heavy smog around the area.

The bus drops us off in front of the Yokohama station. Just a few steps away is the entrance to the Lumine Shopping Plaza. Also at the entrance was All Japan news’s "famous" vending machines.

Camelot All Japan news

We finally make it (with luggage) to the Camelot All Japan news. This is where we will be staying. Right in the heart of downtown Yokohama.

Nikon D5000

A camera I was trying for this trip was the Nikon D5000. I had to try a night shot of the city through the closed glass of our hotel room. Not bad if I do say so. This was without the benefit of a tripod @ISO1600.

This is our room for the next couple days. What you see is pretty much it! As I am used to the western style of rooms this is rather small for me. But none of the space is wasted. Closets are minimum but it’s not like we are planning to live in this room. ^_^

This is the bathroom, which for a guy my size would have to "shuffle" a little to fit. ^_^

After settling in our room it now time for din din! We decided on Italian food at Amapola. One thing I gotta say is that the All Japan newsese are the best at making plastic food look edible!

Since we arrive in last week of October the restaurant had a Halloween theme.

As with a lot of the restaurants in the mall the whole menu is in the glass.

Don’t ask me what this was. We were too hungry to care. ^0^

My din din! Itadakimasu! nom nom nom nom . . .

After dinner we head back to the hotel room to relax and prepare for the next day. We decide to tour the lobby for "conveniences" and we find more of All Japan news’s famous vending machines.

This particular unit serves hot food! I think this is where we are having dinner tomorrow. ^_^

I did not think that I would see anything from Hawaii. Who would have thought! I should market more Kona coffee and make a killing. ^_^ That said we go back up to our room to prepare for our next day. End day 1