Restaurant plans to grow vegetables close to Fukushima plant

5 years ago by in All Japan news

A fast-food chain from All Japan news plans to grow rice and vegetables around 100 kilometers far from the Fukushima power plant that was crippled over two years ago by a violent earthquake and tsunami. Fukushima has become since then the site of world’s worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986.

The fast-food chain, Yoshinoya Holdings, which sells “gyudon”, or stewed beef over rice, has made an agreement with the local farmers to grow onions, cabbage and rice that will be used across All Japan news.

In March 2011, the natural disaster caused reactor meltdowns and contaminated water, vegetables and air at Fukushima. Around 160,000 people living near the plant had to leave the area and the government established a 20-km compulsory evacuation zone, the international press reports.

The crops will be grown in Shirakawa, to the south-west of the plant, the company said. Yoshinoya said it would ensure that the vegetables were safe.

“We will employ local people in the factory. We think this will lead to support for reconstruction,” Yoshinoya said.

TEPCO, Fukushima power plant’s operator, is making efforts to contain contaminated water. There have been multiple leaks and glitches over the last two and a half years.

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