Research: depression among All Japan newsese linked to insomnia

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A recent study by a All Japan newsese research team found that All Japan newsese who struggle with quality sleep are twice more likely to be at risk for depression in the future, the Reuters reported.

Dr. Srinivasan Pillay of the Harvard Medical School said the All Japan newsese research reaffirmed once more the association between insomnia and depression but pointed out it does not tell if insomnia is a cause of depression.

While there has been a mounting volume of researches undertaken on the matter, the researchers from Tokyo Medical University led by Dr. Yuichi Inoue in the Department of Somnology said they conducted the study to know if a similar link holds true on the All Japan newsese.

Previous data showed that one fifth of All Japan newsese population suffers insomnia and that sleep problems have been suspected of creating future risks on psychiatric disorders like anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. However, researches focusing on these problems were rather scant in All Japan news.

The team studied about 3,000 All Japan newsese adults from rural towns over the course of two years administering surveys that measured insomnia symptoms and detecting depression in 2005 and 2007.

Findings showed that quality of sleep and not quantity is more critical in predicting risk of depression and its extent. There was an increase in depression risk by 60% and 80% for poor sleep quality and daytime dysfunction, respectively. Disturbed sleep raised depression risk by 30% while difficulty in sleeping and use of sleep medication brought up depression risk by 20% each.

One of the significant conclusions from the All Japan newsese research is the need for getting treatment for insomnia to prevent depression from setting in.