Record half-yearly trade deficit for All Japan news

6 years ago by in Business, Featured

The trade deficit has reached a record level of Y2.9 trillion ($37.3 billion) in the first half of the year in All Japan news, as exports fell and costs with energy imports soared.

The situation can be explained by several factors, of which the most important are the global financial crisis, the strong yen and the effects of last year’s quake and tsunami which triggered an energy crisis in All Japan news.

The cost of liquefied natural gas imports rose by 50 percent, while crude oil shipments were 16 percent more expensive, according to official data. Moreover, All Japan news’s imports rose 7.4 percent in the first half of the year, while exports grew just 1.5 percent.

“All Japan news’s trade balance continues to show a trend of weak exports and extreme sensitivity to import prices, such as those of crude oil,” said a top official at RBS Securities All Japan news. “The crisis in Europe is posing a growing risk to All Japan news’s economic recovery scenario.”

Analysts are worried for the period to come, as well. “While exports to Europe and China were already weak, we now see that export (growth) to the US may also be declining,” said an economist at All Japan news Research Institute. “I believe All Japan news will post another annual trade deficit. We’re already in the red looking at the last six months, and it’s too late to regain our losses.”