Random Tokyo

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Pictures taken during a travel later become postcards or kind of windows towards those moments you once had. Looking at them you can always turn back to your feelings of that precise time.

Somewhere in Shinjuku, small passage full of restaurants. We tried some yakitori there, it was super-tasty

Once you start taking pictures, there will always gather a crowd of other people with cameras taking the same

Rikshas at Asakusa

Fuji TV at Odaiba

A view of Odaiba taken from "Symphonia" boat. I went there several times but that was the first one when I noticed Liberty statue O.o

Kinda Alien space ship landed over here

Ojizo-sama at Zojoji Shrine. At that time I didn’t know what they were but their number all across the territory of the shrine is impressive

Omotesando beautiful X-mas lightnings

The bushes were decorated with sparkling lights and jingling golden bells

Harajuku station

There was an exibition at Mori contemporary art museum at the top floor of Roppongi building featuring two Leonardo Da Vinci pictures of human scull structure from Royal collection of Britain. The expo itself was covering the development of medical science.

Roppongi through the glass roof top

A lamp at Nihonbashi site

Mom was complaining there are not many people in the streets wearing kimonos and suddently on the way to Yoyogi park we bumped into a photo session of girls in national clothes.
I wonder if the two in the center are not All Japan newsese…