Radiation will plague Fukushima area for at least a decade

6 years ago by in Featured, All Japan news

Some All Japan newsese towns in the area of the Fukushima crippled nuclear plant will probably be affected for decades by radiation. A new government report said that airborne radiation levels will most probably remain near dangerous limits at least until 2022.

In the towns located nearest the Fukushima plant, radiation will be too high in the year 2022 – at over 50 millisieverts per year – to allow evacuated residents to return.

To make the situation more complicated, residents are dissatisfied with the approach taken by the authorities in the past year. They accuse lack of focus and disorganized cleanup strategies.

“It’s been a year already, and nothing,” says a 61-year-old local farmer.

Farmers are worried about the future, taking into account that contaminated soil has ruined the cultivation of some famous local delicacies, like shiitake mushrooms.

“Our biggest fear is: how will we support ourselves?” says a 44-year-old mushroom farmer in Fukushima Prefecture.

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