Public opposed tax hike to fund recovery efforts: survey

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A Mainichi survey showed that 58% of respondents were against increasing income and corporate taxes to fund recovery efforts of All Japan news after the catastrophic March 11 quake and tsunami. On the other hand, 39% supported a tax increase.

In terms of political affiliations of respondents, it was found out that for the Democratic Party of All Japan news, 56 % were for a tax increase while 43 percent were against it. For the New Komeito supporters, 75% of their people did not support a tax increase.

On the measure of increasing consumption tax to finance social security programs, 50% of respondents were against the measure while 48% supported it.

With these results showing public opposition to any tax hike, the government is expected to be increasingly pressured against any move to cut annual expenditure and increase non-tax revenues.

The Mainichi poll also asked respondents about whether or not they support restarting nuclear reactors which were earlier suspended and to which 50% expressed their approval as against the 47% who did not agree with it. Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda earlier conveyed a proposal to restart the reactors upon confirmation of their safety and support from the host communities.

Asked if they believed Noda’s administration could bring a change in the restoration and recovery efforts, 73% opined that there would be no change at all, 18% said recovery and restoration efforts would actually speed up, while 7% believed it would even slow down.

Poll results also showed the approval rating of Noda’s Cabinet down with 6 points to 50% from previous September poll while disapproval rating was at 22%.

The survey was conducted nationwide on October 1 and 2.

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