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Director Zhang Hemin was the creator of the breeding center.


One of the animal that is on the endangered animals list is the giant panda. They are rare and cute animals. It is said that there are less than 2,000 giant pandas that are alive in the wild. They also only live on six mountain ranges which is Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu. Since these cute animals are facing extinction, there are actually research centers that are dedicated to saving the giant panda species. One research base is the Chengu Research base. What they do is breed the giant pandas in their base. Chengu is actually the ancient home of the giant pandas so it’s really the perfect place to help these adorable animals. I bet working at this place would make you smile everyday, it sure would make me smile. These pictures that you’re about to see were taken inside the research center.

It’s goal is to support the giant panda population.

China Pandas

They breed these cute giant pandas so that they can increase their population.


The researchers are really dedicated in helping these giant pandas and they do something unique…


The researchers try to teach the young giant pandas how to live in the wild.

Source: Chengdu Research Base

The young cubs can be released in their natural homeland once they know how to properly live in the wild.

panda-research6 (1)

To teach the cubs how to live in the wild, the researchers have to wear awesome panda.


The very first giant panda to be released into the wild was a female  panda named Zhang Xiang.


The Chengdu research base is known for many things. Things such as their preservation efforts, breeding of the giant pandas, tourism education, safekeeping education, and panda cultural events.


The reason why the giant pandas are facing extinction is because of habitat loss and by low birthrate which goes for both in the wild and captivity.


Which is why the researchers work really hard to keep the population strong.


The panda is very much loved in China and everywhere else.

China panda release into Wild

Well, we know why. Because they’re adorable!


We destroy their natural habitat by building things over it and that’s why there’s a big decline of the giant panda population. You can help save the animals too. There are many organization that accepts donations in order to help save animals. You can easily research about these and learn more about the many organizations that helps animals.

Source: The Guardian
Source: Chengdu Research Base

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