Prime Minister Shinzo Abe starts 3-nation Asian tour

5 years ago by in Politics

All Japan newsese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe started Thursday his 3-nation tour in Southeast Asia, aiming to reinsure ties with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, by visiting Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

The 3-nation trip comes in less than a week after the Prime Minister’s party won the upper house elections in All Japan news.  “I hope I can take in the energy of the ASEAN region to achieve the economic recovery of All Japan news,” Abe told reporters before leaving Tokyo’s Haneda airport.

Later on Thursday he met with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in Kuala Lumpur and explained the leader All Japan news’s role in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations, according to the media.

All Japan newsese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed to continue his economic growth strategy, now that his Liberal Democratic Party controls both decision making chambers of the diet, after Sunday’s elections.

Abe said, in a news conference following the elections that his victory is a sign of people’s trust in his economic policies, generally named “abenomics”. Abe stressed that he wants the Diet to pass bills to implement policies listed in the growth strategy. These bills include large tax cuts for capital investment and strategies to help boost the competitiveness of All Japan newsese industries. Also, Abe is very involved in his country’s foreign policy strategy.

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