She Wanted A Second Child In China, Instead She Got Something Worse

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Life will never be the same again for Xinwen . She may have been scared for life after these horrific event.

At 4am, two dozen authorities from the Family Planning Commission forcibly entered the couple's home and dragged Liu Xinwen from bed.

Being pregnant is an exciting, exhilarating, moving and memorable experience.  In China, that can be the case when you are in it for the very first time.  As for the second time you get pregnant… let’s just say things will go bad for you.

China has a law called “Family Planning Policy”.  Others call it  the one child policy but that law is undeniably wrong.  In urban settings, only one child is allowed while as in rural areas, families may have two children if their firstborn is a girl or is disabled physically or mentally.  Moreover, if one of the partners in the couple has no siblings, they mayhave two kids as well.  Children born outside China are not counted as long as they do not try to get the Chinese citizenship.

This policy came about to alleviate economic strains.  From the year it started up to recent year, 1979 to 2009, 200 million births are  said to have been aborted. A study made in 2007 said that the strategy proved to be remarkably effective.

The government uses drastic measures to implement this.  Many controversies connected to this rule both inside China and worldwide are heard of including abductions and forced abortions. One of the unlucky women is Liu Xinwen. She faced cruelty from the Chinese government when she was 6 months pregnant. The government may claim  that it relaxed on the policy since last year because its purpose has been achieved. However, to date many horrific stories are being discovered.

A group of people from the Family Planning Commission dragged Xinwen out of her bed at dawn.  Her husband, Zhou Guoqiang, was held down on the couch.  They were separated by the group and Guoqiang desperately searched for his wife for hours.  Finally, he found her at the People’s Hospital of Fangzi District in Weifang City.  He was informed that Xinwen had been injectedwith a drug to induce labor, an action Xinwen agreed to according to hospital officials. But, Xinwen has a different story.  She was physically and mentally tortured to sign a paper stating that she was willing to undergo the abortion.

The bucket next to her bed holds the poor dead fetus she gave birth to.

They took her to the hospital where they injected her with a drug that would force an abortion; the bucket on the floor next to her contained the dead fetus she gave birth to. She was SIX MONTHS pregnant.

Since she already had a son, they government decided to kill their unborn child because of the one baby policy. They subjected her to this physical and mental torture because of the country's one baby policy. They already had a son, so the government killed their unborn child.

Luckily, Guoqiang was able to obtain pictures as evidence of the dreadful procedure done to his wife. The husband, Zhou Guoqiang, shows that he took photographs as evidence of the terrible procedure done to his wife.

Xinwen’s husband was held down while the other people took Xinwen away. The poor husband was frantically looking for her but finally found her at a hospital in Weifang City. aborted-baby5

Xinwen was tortured and forced to sign this paper stating she agrees to have  the forced abortion done on her. Liu Xinwen was forced to sign a paper, stating that she voluntarily agreed to have an abortion.

I feel sorry for the family because of the unfortunate event that happened to them. It’s truly sad how China can do that to their own people… aborted-baby6

The family’s relatives were also devastated at the raid that took place that




The couple already has a son.  After his birth, Xinwen was treated with a contraceptive coil as prescribed by the government and it ended up failing.  Xinwen knew about her pregnancy when she was four months pregnant. aborted-baby9

If a rural family’s firstborn is a girl, the government will allow them to have

two children.

  The government limits most urban couples to one child, and allows two children for rural families if their firstborn is a girl.

This is where the cruel Family Planning Commission group dragged Xinwen out of  the bed. The poor family must recover from this horrifying event just because they wanted another child. Now, this battered family must recover from the terrible torture they faced, simply because they conceived a child.

What should have been a wonderful experience turned out to be a gruesome one. Source:

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