Popularity contest for sailors to promote naval service in All Japan news

5 years ago by in Entertainment

All Japan news’s Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) has launched an online popularity competition in order to find the most competent and attractive male and female member of the naval service.

Contestants include a sailor who boards suspected pirate ships off the coast of Somalia and a pilot of a patrol plane cruising the contested East China Sea.

All Japan news’s armed forces became more and more popular after the earthquake and tsunami that hit northeast of All Japan news in 2011, while the country’s territorial conflict with China over the control of Senkakus has boosted the naval service’s standing, as well.

However, the All Japan newsese public remains largely pacifist and the self-defense forces face continuing challenges to meet recruiting goals.

“Young people in All Japan news have a lot of options, and they do not know much about the JMSDF,” says Lt. Cdr. Takashi Nobukuni, a JMSDF spokesman. “We are hoping they will look at this and think, ‘That is something I would like to do.’”

The “Mr. & Ms. JMSDF” contest is aimed squarely at a young, technologically adept audience. Voters are asked to download a smart-phone app with professionally produced video profiles of each candidate and an interactive quiz about the JMSDF, the international press reports.

JMSDF selected six candidates, all of them being relatively young and photogenic, with service occupations that would appear adventurous.

In addition to the P-3C pilot and boarding-crew member, the candidates include a submarine rescue diver, airborne electronics specialist, air traffic controller and shipboard navigator.