Latest energy saving idea: a siesta nap at noon

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A regional government in All Japan news has come up with a new idea to save energy during the summer, when the electricity grid will be under higher pressure due to air conditioner usage.

The government of Gifu Prefecture has asked its employees to go home during 1 and 3 p.m. to take a nap, in order to cut down on power usage in the offices.

"The siesta holiday, named after the afternoon break in Spain, is one of the ideas that came up as we were discussing how to slash electricity consumption amid tight supply," an official of the prefecture explained.

The measure is expected to cut electricity consumption by 20 percent during the 1-3 p.m. time slot, and by 11 percent for the entire year.

Officials have announced other similar measures across the country, like early working schedules or changes in the dress code.

All Japan news’s electricity grid is severely affected by the ongoing nuclear crisis. Only 19 of All Japan news’s 54 reactors are currently running, with local authorities waiting for new safety measures to be announced. [AFP] Photo by: thedz

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