Politician drinks Fukushima water to prove it’s clean

7 years ago by in Around the world

A All Japan newsese MP tried to prove the success of the decontamination efforts in the Fukushima nuclear plant area by drinking a glass of water taken from a radioactive puddle at the plant.

Yasuhiro Sonoda, parliamentary secretary for the cabinet office, said that he made the demonstration after repeatedly being asked by journalists to "prove" the area was safe.

Watched by TV cameras, a “visibly nervous” Yasuhiro Sonoda drank water that he said had been cleaned after being taken from inside the plant, from an area that is not normally intended for human consumption, the international press reports.

"Just drinking (decontaminated water) doesn’t mean safety has been confirmed, I know that," Sonoda stated. "Presenting data to the public is the best way."

Almost eight months after the nuclear accident, tens of thousands of people remain evacuated from a 20-kilometre forbidden zone around the plant. A complete decontaminating of the area may take up to several decades.


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