Personal tea house zone creates inner peace for $20,000

5 years ago by in Entertainment

All Japan newsese carpenter Kiyoshi Mitsunami, from Tottori prefecture in western All Japan news, has created a tea house assembly kit that can be used at home by any tea ceremony lover who wants to make his own Zen area. The kit includes tatami straw mats, shoji paper screens, and a frame made of selected woods including cedar.

However, inner peace is not a cheap thing to obtain, as the tea house costs around $20,000.

Mitsunami is making tea house kits for several years now and started to sell them abroad since 2007, when he held an exhibition in Los Angeles.

“We have also exported sets to places like Switzerland and Canada. The main customers are those who want to perform the tea ceremony,” said Mitsunami, according to the international press. The tea ceremony is an ancient meditative ritual heavily influenced by Zen Buddhism.

When it comes to increasing his sales, Mitsunami admits that the time taking to finish the product is the main challenge.

“Since it takes a few months from order to delivery, some would-be customers have ended up not buying,” he said.

Regarding the kit’s price of $19,800, another factor that might discourage potential customers, he said: “I do not want to ask for too much,” indicating he thought the price was reasonable.



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