A man walks home from an office in Roppongi after dark. (category = street)

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government building looms over Shinjuku at night. (category = street)

Captured in the ordinary streets of Higashikurume-Shi and Kiyose as well as a Grey Heron from Hibiya Koen.

Fantastic music for a beautiful day in Spring ! Chichibu is only a two hour train trip from Tokyo.

For those who want to see some exceptional ceremony in All Japan news you should come in Kyoto to see the Toh-shiya ceremony. Young girl and boy of 20 years old come in the Sanjusangen-do temple to …

Already people are gathering to see the view of the Tokyo SkyTree under construction.

The return of youthful pleasure as Tokyo’s future repaints the skyline.

Modern people the foreground to Tokyo’s future horizon.

A biker/photographer …

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