One-seat robotic foldable car shown in All Japan news

7 years ago by in Around the world

A three-wheel fold-able robot powered electric car that can be used to drive at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour, was presented by a All Japan newsese company at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Kobot has just one seat and it may be the future of urban driving, its creators said.

“This is a robot you can ride”, said Yoichi Takamoto, the president of Tmsuk, a company which has previously created robots for medical use and disaster related operations.

The robot can be controlled by the driver’s smartphone in order to fold itself when not in use, a feature which should be of great use in crowded cities like Tokyo, Tmsuk said.

When folded, the robot occupies a surface of around one square meter. Another advantage is that the electricity powered vehicle does not contribute to the air pollution in big cities. It could hit the market by next autumn.

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