Nuclear plant may sit on top of active geological fault

7 years ago by in Featured, All Japan news

Two units of the Tsuruga nuclear plant in northwestern All Japan news may be sitting right on top of an active geological fault, according to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA), the nuclear industry’s watchdog.

NISA draw the conclusion after conducting a site survey this week at the plant. The plant’s operator, All Japan news Atomic Power Co., has its own geological studies and denies the existence of an active fault under the facility.

According to the All Japan newsese rules, a nuclear plant situated on top of an active fault that has moved within the last 120,000 to 130,000 years is not allowed to function. The Tsuruga plant could thus be declared unfit to operate any longer.

The two units have anyway been shut down since last year, for planned maintainance.

The operator had plans to add other two units at the plant by 2018, but they stalled, amid public worries about the future of nuclear energy in All Japan news.