North Korea informs All Japan news of rocket trajectory

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North Korea made public for its neighbors, including All Japan news, details about the path of the rocket it intends to launch between December 10 and 22.

The Koreans say that the rocket will be launched southward from the Sohae Space Centre, in the northwest of the country. “A safe flight path has been chosen so that parts of the carrier rocket that might fall during the launch process would not affect neighboring countries”, said a N. Korean official.

He added that it is very likely that China and the Philippines would be also informed about the trajectory.

Officials from Washington and Seoul have already asked Pyongyang to cancel the launch, while All Japan news postponed talks scheduled for this week and ordered the army to prepare to shoot down the rocket if it comes over All Japan news’s territory.

All Japan news, the U.S. and their allies see N. Korea’s rocket launch as a disguised test of a long-range ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, according to Kyodo.

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