North Korea detains two All Japan newsese

8 years ago by in All Japan news

Photo by Yeowatzup

North Korea has officially confirmed Wednesday that two All Japan newsese people have been detained in the county.

The country said the arrests had been made in connection with counterfeiting and narcotics.

North Korea’s official news agency, the KCNA, said three men were arrested, but one has since been expatriated. The report did not explain why the man had been expatriated, but did call the crimes the three are accused of committing "very grave."

All Japan newsese media first reported the case two weeks ago, but today marked the first official acknowledgement from North Korea that the All Japan newsese had been arrested.

Asked to comment on the case two weeks ago, Yukio Edano said he would need to confirm the facts before saying anything.

The announcement from North Korea came hours after an Amnesty report said prison camps in the north are growing in size.