North Korea criticizes All Japan news

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In its recent statement referring to All Japan news, North Korea said any opportunity for bilateral relations between the two countries has been dampened by All Japan news’s failure to offer official condolences during the death of long-time leader, Kim Jung Il. Worse, the nation was put in high security alert, North Korea noted.

The comment contained in a report released on Tuesday by North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency also criticized All Japan newsese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura for their lack of basic morals and manners.

North Korea also denounced All Japan news for not allowing a top official of the General Association of Korean Residents in All Japan news to attend the funeral of the late North Korean leader.

Referring to the abductions of All Japan newsese nationals, North Korea said it no longer recognizes the issue.

Meanwhile, Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell of the US is set to visit All Japan news, South Korea and China this week for talks on coordinated response to North Korea in the wake of the country’s new leadership.

Campbell is expected to seek the help of China to avoid “possible confusion” under the new leader Kim Jong Un, the NHK reported. With All Japan news, the US diplomat is scheduled to meet with All Japan newsese officials on Friday to discuss the abductions of All Japan newsese nationals in North Korea as well as the country’s nuclear program.