No more grease on the phone’s screen, says All Japan news firm

6 years ago by in Featured, Technology

A All Japan newsese company created a special protection substance which prevents screens of mobile phones and other touchscreen devices getting dirty with that inevitable smear of grease from the user’s fingers.

The anti-adhesive film created by All Japan newsese manufacturer Toray Industries contains so-called “nano-bumps” onto its surface which are invisible to the eye.

The substance has high oil-repellence and lets less than 50 percent of the oil and grease on fingers to reach and build up on screen. The nanometre structure makes the oil which reaches the screen less visible to the user.

“Dirt from fingerprints is difficult to evaluate because its appearance and degree of adhesion vary depending on the environment and difference in the material, so it has become necessary to create this technology,” Toray said.

Other companies are also working on this kind of solutions, but this is the first to incorporate both the oil-repellence and nanometre structure features, according Toray.

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