Nissan extends Leaf’s range through remodelling

6 years ago by in Business, Featured

All Japan newsese car maker Nissan has released on Tuesday a new version of the Leaf electric vehicle, with an improved autonomy of 228 kilometres on a single charge.

The performance was achieved by reducing the weight of the car and enhancing power-saving technologies.

Previously, the Leaf was able to go about 200 kilometres on a single charge. The company said that the short mileage autonomy was responsible for dropping sales in the United States.

Nissan sold 43,000 units of the Leaf so far, mostly in All Japan news and North America, according to Kyodo. The model was launched in December 2010.

The Leaf is the world’s most popular electric vehicle, covering more than half of the total sales of such models.

The revamped version of the car is also informing the driver on how much battery charge is left.