Niijima – Paradise in Tokyo

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Niijima is an island 2hours away from Tokyo.. in the Izu Islands and administered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
To get to Niijima ( and shikinejima) you have to take a boat at hamamatsucho.. the rapid one will bring you to niijima in 2hours.. then you can enjoy free natural onsen on the beach.. or take a tour on the island that still wild for the most of part..

I suggest you to go there for at least 2 days.. and enjoy the beach, surf, sushi restaurant and onsen..

If you go to niijima you cantake a little boat to go to the shikinejima other lovely island at 10minutes, and rent a bicycle for the day
the island of shikinejima has more onsen ( mix, free, natural, and you can go with your swiming short ^^ )

Some international surf competition take place in Niijima.. so if you are lucky, maybe you will see one of them.

I ve been there in 2007 and I lost most of my photos from that trip.. so, I am sorry to show only 8 pics from the island..

first you take the baot to Niijima from Hamamatsucho.

it is 10min walk from the Hamamatsucho station on the JR yamanote line

when you get out the station, you turn right, and go straight on

then you can enjoy this ^^

You can see on the backround and island.. for the story, this island is the island of GODZILLA! .. yes yes.. Godzilla was born on this island!

Like you can see, you can enjoy large beach with no one on it!!!

I va been there in July.. I had a nice weather and no crowded beach

very cool