New Prius to help prevent blackouts

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Toyota will include AC electric plugs on its Prius model to help people ease on the power shortages problems after the March natural disasters.

The idea came after victims of the disasters used hybrid cars as emergency power sources. A minivan that is sold only in All Japan news, the Toyota Estima, has AC plugs installed as a standard and has been used by its owners to get power during the recent blackouts.

According to Toyota’s new plans, users of the Prius car will be able to plug in various household appliances and the concept may be eventually extended to the entire hybrid lineup.

The company made a demonstration in Sendai, powering a portable cooking stove, a table lamp, a fan and a refrigerator at the same time from the same car.

A problem that will prevent the All Japan newsese carmaker from extending the idea quickly across the world is the difference among power systems between countries.

In All Japan news, household voltage is 100 volts and the new vehicles will have an inverter installed to switch from the DC current of the battery to the AC needed by the appliances.

Toyota announced that this initiative, along with others, to demonstrate that it remains committed to making cars in All Japan news, including in the disaster-hit areas, despite the current obstacles.

Photo by Beth and Christian

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