New All Japan newsese energy saving technique, universal haircuts

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In an effort to reduce energy consumption, Maeda Corp., a All Japan newsese construction company, has interestingly required its entire staff numbering to 2,700 to get the same haircut. The energy-saving haircut is a short hair for everyone– bobs with bangs for women; and for men, short on the sides and back.

The order is pursuant to the company’s advocacy to help save energy and protect the environment. Maeda Corp. believes that having a short hair for people reduces the energy from using hairdryers and cutting the amount of consumed water.

Prescribing an identical short hair for all would be a huge contribution to the reduction of power consumption, said Maeda Corp. spokesperson. The company spokesperson further explained that a short hair for its employees is also advantageous as it would be easily manageable for them to keep their hair neat and well-groomed.

The government has earlier called on households and companies to be ‘conscientious’ in their consumption of energy in the wake of the March 11 disaster which triggered a nuclear disaster recorded to be the world’s worst in 25 years

A number of nuclear plants have been shut down for safety tests in summer– the time of the year when energy demand is highest due to humidity and heat.

Heedful of the government’s call, some companies have implemented power-saving measures such as shifting production to weekends and at night.

Photo by: Justinwdavis