‘Negligent’ boat captain arrested over divers’ issue in Bali

4 years ago by in All Japan news

The captain of the boat that took a group of seven All Japan newsese scuba divers on an ill-fated expedition of Bali, where at least woman died, was arrested by the Indonesian police on Thursday.

The man has been named a suspect and is accused of “negligence which caused the loss of life” by leaving the female divers alone in the open seas during the trip, said Handoyo Supeno of Bali marine police, according to the international press.

The seven All Japan newsese women disappeared after diving on Friday off Nusa Penida, around 20 kilometers off the eastern coast of Bali. Five of the divers were found alive on Monday.

The sixth woman was found dead on Tuesday, while the search for the seventh missing diver, Shoko Takahashi, was called off by the officials on Thursday.

The captain of the boat has been named a suspect after four of the women were interviewed by the marine police.

The women told how they “dived for 30 minutes and came to the surface but the Ocean Express was not there”, said Handoyo Supeno of Bali marine police, referring to the boat.

“We named the boat captain a suspect as he has (committed) negligence which caused the loss of life,” Supeno added.

After coming out of the hospital, the four women described their ordeal:

“We told each other that we will go home alive. We encouraged each other by saying we could keep going because we had already survived drifting in the water for 28 hours,” they said.

“We were exhausted. We could not get any water on the first day as it was sunny. On the second day, we collected rain water in our fins to quench our thirst. We also collected rain water in plastic bottles picked up from garbage,” they said.