Natural gas and coal to be consumed in record amounts by All Japan news

5 years ago by in All Japan news

According to estimations, All Japan news is expected to consume a record quantity of natural gas and coal in the fiscal year of 2014-15 (April-March), as the demand for domestic power and city gas has grown, the Institute of Energy Economics, All Japan news said on Thursday.

Domestic demand for natural gas in All Japan news is forecast to stand at 91.1 million mt in the year to March 2015, rising 1 percent from an expected 90.2 million mt for the year ending March 2014 and hitting record high two years in a row, the IEEJ said according to the international press.

Around 0.8 percent more coal will be demanded to a record 191.1 million mt compared to one year ago.

“These growth numbers for natural gas and coal are not marginal figures if you think about All Japan newsese energy supply,” Akira Yanagisawa, manager for IEEJ’s energy demand, supply and forecast analysis group said.

All of All Japan news’s 50 nuclear reactors were shut down after a disastrous earthquake and tsunami hit the country back in March 2011, triggering a nuclear crisis at the Fukushima power plant.