Mystery of seabed circles solved with small fish

6 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

The mysterious circles in the sand discovered on the seabed off the coast of southern All Japan news were actually “designed” by a small fish, the All Japan newsese press reported.

All Japan newsese photographer Yoji Ookata discovered the circles earlier this year and returned to the place with a camera crew to photograph them.

He named the strange formation “mystery circle” and the public has been speculating on the possible cause that created them. Some have even speculated that they may have been made by an alien ship.

National broadcaster NHK has however solved the mystery when they presented photos of a small pufferfish creating patterns in the sand.

The male fish was also placing small pebbles in the center of the circle, with the only goal of attracting a female to lay eggs near the circle, where the ridges protect the eggs from the current.

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