Mystery man trails radiation in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward

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An unidentified man is behind initial reports on radiation spikes in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward which prompted local government to inspect and confirm alarming levels of radiation in certain areas. Authorities clarified that radiation found in concerned locations was not linked to Fukushima.

The Asahi Shimbun reported that the mystery man who is also from Setagaya Ward brings a dosimeter and roams around the ward with his bicycle inspecting and posting results in his Twitter account, "n0ri_tiki.".

On October 28, the mystery man tweeted radiation levels of 8.3 microsieverts per hour in front of a supermarket in the Hachimanyama district. He notified authorities who later confirmed radiation near the supermarket measuring up to 170 microsieverts per hour. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology said radioactive materials were possibly under the asphalt which it said it would dig on October 31.

The ministry explained that radiation found was limited only to the small area near the supermarket which was already been closed from the public and that there was no reason for people to be worried.

The tipster disclosed to Asahi Shimbum that he was doing the inspection because of the lack of investigations from the central and local governments. His data has so far been trusted by residents in the area.

"He is a valuable source while we cannot tell whether certain information on Twitter is true or false," said Hiroko Kikuchi, one of the leaders of Setagaya Kodomo Mamoru Kai (Group to protect children in Setagaya).

On October 12, the science ministry confirmed high levels of radiation on a sidewalk in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward after the office was notified about it.

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