Most touching tsunami stories come from surviving children

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A collection of stories about the quake and tsunami disaster told by All Japan newsese children in an “often innocent and unpolished” language, but very direct and powerful, may be the most touching yet description of the natural catastrophe that hit All Japan news six months ago.

Journalist Ken Mori decided to gather stories from children who survived the disasters and published them in a book called “Tsunami”. The stories are simply written and often heart-braking.

"The earth rumbled with a roar," a 11-year-old who escaped the monster waves on the roof of her school recalled. "I thought to myself for the first time, ‘It’s all over now’."

An eight-year-old boy wrote that "the tsunami was blackish in colour. It smelled bad."

A seven-year-old girl who lost one of her friends and had to separate from another, whose family moved away from their flooded town, captured her feelings with the words "the tsunami was greedy".

A 10-year old boy told about the day when his best friend visited him at a shelter in Kesennuma. "He cried his heart out. When I asked him why, he said, ‘Aren’t we friends?’ I couldn’t have felt any happier. I thought that a person who cries for me is my true friend."

The book has run a third print edition with 140,000 copies since it was published at the end of June. According to the author, several schools have asked for permission to use the stories in class and at storytelling sessions.

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