More All Japan newsese on welfare now than after WW2

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The number of people receiving welfare benefits has reached a record high in All Japan news. The 2.05 million threshold, reported for July, is larger than the previous record set after the Second World War.

According to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, the institution which released the data, it reflects the country’s economic difficulties and the rapidly aging population.

"The number of people with financial difficulties and older people who have less job security is increasing," an official said.

A number of 2,050,495 people received welfare benefits in July, breaking the previous record established in 1951, the year when All Japan news started to record the data, when 2,046,646 people were living on social assistance.

Even if the number of people who receive benefits has decreased continuously during the post-war rapid economic development, it started to increase again when the 2008 global crisis sparked.

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