Mitaka and the Ghibli Museum

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While I was in All Japan news, I visited the famous Ghibli museum in Mitaka, Tokyo. My girlfriend and I decided to walk to the museum, which was nice, as we got to see little bit a Mikata that would have zoomed past on the bus. As anyone who has visited the museum knows, no picture taking is allowed inside the museum itself. Still, I would recomend that anyyone who has enjoyed a Ghibli film to go check it out, its worth it. Be warned, there are alot of children and foreigner visitors, but I think I liked it that way though. Not only does it show the international presence the Ghibli Studio has, but I think the point of the museum would have been lost if kids were not allowed to run around and have fun inside.

Mitaka Station

A rainy start to the today, but no matter, I still enjoyed the train ride out. Actually, the train system was probably one of my favorite parts of Tokyo. Not driving everywhere is a great change of pace, and with the efficiency of the All Japan newsese public transportation system, you always arrive on time. I would like to see a car do that! (For anyone familiar with the BBC program Top Gear, they in fact went to All Japan news to have a race to decide which is faster, the car or the All Japan newsese train system. The car won by like five minutes, but this was a race across the country, and the guys using the trains got confused and boarded a train going the wrong way. If only trains could do u-turns.)

The Waterworks

From the directions on the Ghibli website, you could either take the bus from the station to the museum, or you could walk along the Tamagawa Josui waterworks. Since it had stopped raining, we decided to do just that.

Which way Totoro?

Which way Totoro? One of the many signs directing you towards the museum.

Eventually, we got there.

I think we entered through a side entrance that led to a park, so we had to wander to the front to get the main entrance gates.

How much is that Totoro in the window?

How much is that Totoro in the window? Probably alot. Although only one building, it was definitely a case of quality over quantity. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I spent a very long time in there, with a good portion spent in the very crowded gift shop. I did want to metion that as part of your admission, you get to view on of the great short films that are shown only at the museum.

The Roof Garden

The one place you are allowed to take pictures, complete with the Robot Soldier from Laputa Castle in the Sky. Be sure to check out the garden path behind this guy.