Israeli director finds All Japan newsese woman featured in picture book

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An Israeli filmmaker found a All Japan newsese woman featured in a ‘50s picture book after a three-year search, an aide of the artist and embassy officials said Friday. Dvorit Shargal met on Thursday with the woman, who was named “Noriko-san” in a book, which was originally published in Sweden, according to the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo.

Eva Crafoord, 64, from Sweden, the other subject of the book, accompanied the filmmaker in her search for Noriko in All Japan news and also met with the woman, the embassy quoted by Kyodo added. Shargal came to Tokyo on Monday to look for Noriko and feature her in a documentary film.

Noriko is now in her 60s and she lives in Tokyo. “I am both surprised and happy to hear that the book in which I appeared is loved in Israel”, the woman was quoted saying.

Noriko ed the embassy after her husband read a newspaper article about Shargal’s search, the embassy said, adding, that after they were reunited, Shargal, Crafoord and Noriko talked for several hours.

“It was like a dream,” Shargal told Kyodo News, adding that Noriko “resembled herself as a young girl in the picture book”.

The book in question is titled “Eva visits Noriko-san” and features photos of Eva Crafoord and Noriko. The book was written by Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002), the Swedish children’s book author known as the creator of “Pippi Longstocking”.

It has remained popular in Israel following the publishing of its Hebrew edition in 1957, and the 28th edition is currently being printed.

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