Meals ordered on touchscreen at All Japan news Airlines

6 years ago by in Business

All Japan news Airlines (JAL) introduced on Monday its new Anytime You Wish service on its fleet of Boeing 777-300ER Sky Suite aircraft. Just by touching the seat-side remote or TV screen, the clients flying in JAL’s business class can order meals, drinks or duty free items.

The flight attendants still give menus and take orders for the first meal on international flights, but the new service will allow the clients to make extra orders during the flight directly from their seat.

The service is available at the moment on the Tokyo to London route, but the company is planning to extend the Anytime You Wish service to the United States and European routes.

The fliers can use the touchscreen system to view photos and descriptions of the meals and can order the food and drinks up to one and a half hours before the plane’s landing. The same system of ordering is available for duty free items too.

The food and drinks service will not be available for premium economy and economy, but they will be able to review duty free items.

Virgin America offers a similar service during its flights, but only in economy class, according to the international press.

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