Man Took 6 Months To Build This For His Grandson, The Result Is Amazing

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This cool 50 year-old man is so awesome for building something for his grandson just so he can get to school.

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This grandfather that lives in central China worked nonstop on building something for his grandson. It took him 6 months to complete it. The grandfather wanted to build this so he could help his grandson get to school… and make him look cool while doing it. What he built for his grandson became so popular he was asked to build more for his other family members.

This epic mini Lamborghini runs on five batteries and is TOTALLY awesome!
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Now, the grandson can get to school in style…
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The grandfather spent only $825 just to build this epic mini-Lamborghini.
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It took the grandpa six months to build this awesome luxury mini car. (Even got the doors  right!)
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This epic car runs only on a few batteries that was just enough for a trip to the school and then back.

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This tiny beast can reach a top speed of 26 mph… not bad for a mini-car.

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The car even has real car features in it. Car features such as a horn, stereo, trailer hitch, and even a collapsible canvas top. Now, that’s awesome!

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The gift became so popular and loved that the family members had the grandpa build two more mini-Lamborghini cars.

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Don’t be surprised if you see a gang of mini-Lamborghinis driving around the streets of central China.

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Step aside, Power Wheels…

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There’s an epic mini-Lamborghini in town!

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Where can I get one of this? I give the grandpa major props for creating such a cool thing for his grandson. Not to mention he built it so that his grandson can get to school. 
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