Love Hotels in All Japan news to get crowded on Valentine’s Day

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Love Hotels in All Japan news offer anything couples might want, from rooms that imitate medical clinics where lovers can play “doctors and nurses” to “castles” with rotating beds, with owners expecting for their hotels to be full on Valentine’s Day.

Love Hotels’ guests know that rooms can be rented for the whole night or only for two hours.

On a regular weekday, around lunch, at Two-Way, one of many Love Hotels in the lively Tokyo district of Shibuya, only two of the 34 rooms are vacant.

“At this time of day it will be mostly couples having affairs,” said the owner Masakatsu Tsunoda. “In the evening it will be mostly younger people.”

“Ideally, you would have a room occupied four times in 24 hours,” says Tsunoda. “Once in the morning, once in the afternoon, again in the evening and then for the night.”

At such hotels, the most basic room costs around Y7,000 ($70) for the night, according to the international press.  Several hours during the day cost around Y2,000 ($20).

On the other hand, a luxury room will have expensive sheets, the latest flat screen television — complete with a limitless supply of adult entertainment — a game console, maybe a mirrored ceiling and a deep bubble bath with room enough for two.

Love Hotels also have rooms that can satisfy any request, some more typically kinky, with an array of gags, whips and leather, and some themed (Star Wars-like or made to resemble medieval European castles).

“They are not only places for people who are unmarried or live separately, but they are places where you can spice up your relationship,” one occasional user said.

Estimates suggest there are up to 30,000 Love Hotels in All Japan news now.

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