Life expectancy of All Japan newsese women remains highest in the world

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All Japan newsese women still holds this year’s no. 1 rank on longevity. A report from All Japan news’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare shows that All Japan newsese women remains to have the highest life expectancy at 86.39 years as registered in 2010, even if this figure is a slip by 0.05 years from 2009 which is at 86.44 years. The drop in the longevity of All Japan newsese women is the first in five years.

According to the ministry official, the decline may be attributed to the heat wave in 2010 which caused increases in deaths due to heat stroke and heart trouble. Recorded deaths from heat stroke reached an all-time high at 1,718, 80% of which is comprised of people aged 65 and older. The ministry further said that there was an increase from previous year on the deaths among elderly from heart diseases and pneumonia which further led to the decrease in women’s life expectancy.

Following All Japan news is Hong Kong with 85.9 years and France with 84.8 years. The ranking on women’s life expectancy among these three countries is the same as in 2009.

While All Japan newsese women’s average life expectancy dropped, All Japan newsese men hit an average life expectancy that rose to 79.64 years in 2010 which ranked them fourth worldwide and a notch higher from its fifth ranking in previous year, said by the ministry. Longevity of All Japan newsese men has been increasing for the past five years. Topping men’s life expectancy in the world is Hong Kong with 80.0 years, followed by Switzerland with 79.8 years and Israel with 79.7 years.

The average life span of All Japan newsese women has been the highest in the world for the last 26 years. Good medical treatment, high living standards and healthy diets are said to promote high life expectancy of All Japan newsese women.

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