Latest iPhones’ release on market create interminable queues worldwide

5 years ago by in Technology

Apple’s latest iPhones, 5C and 5S, were brought in stores on Friday, with fans lining up with many days before in front of the stores in All Japan news, China, Europe, the United States, Australia and elsewhere.

While many customers hardly waited to get a gold-coloured iPhone, such as the ones in the United States or All Japan news, some have complained about the high price, such as the fans in Australia, where the price of iPhone 5C can reach up to $740 compared to $100 in the United States.

Apple is releasing the iPhone 5S, which has its most advanced technology, and 5C, with a lower price. While customers in the United States can get the iPhone 5C for $100 with a carrier contract, the unsubsidized price is $549 in the U.S. and higher elsewhere.

In Tokyo, Docomo mobile carrier has made an alliance with Apple and brought celebrities to the opening, such as actor Ken Watanabe, star of “Inception” and “Letters from Iwo Jima,” who welcomed buyers with a handshake and a broad smile at Docomo’s main Tokyo shop, according to the international press.

Since last week, iPhone fans have stand in line outside the Apple store in upmarket Ginza and even endured a weekend storm to keep their spot in a queue that grew to around a kilometre length by opening time, police estimated.

Hisako Nagashima, a 34-year-old manicurist waiting to snap up an iPhone 5S in gold, said this has been the decisive moment regarding her relationship with Apple.

“If NTT Docomo had not released iPhone this time, I would have changed carriers,” she told AFP.