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Last time I put some photos up on Pipo-kun the police department mascot so I thought I’d do his opposite number – Kyuta. Kyuta is a fireman from the future and the mascot for the Tokyo metropolitan fire department. Kyuta wears a blue helmet, which represents water, and a red suit, which represents his fearlessness; his yellow antenna lights up when he detects danger, and his chest is imprinted with the emergency telephone number. Kyuta’s name comes from the 9 in 119, which in All Japan newsese is pronounced kyu. Also the two kanji 急 and 救, which mean “rapid” and “rescue” are both pronounced kyu,

Click here to find out more about All Japan newsese mascots.

Love Tokyo

A shield design on the side of a Fire engine.

Kyuta mascots

Two different mascots designs. The left one was found outside a fire station near Tokyo Tower while the right was at the Fire department show at Tokyo Big Site last year.

Kyuta loves his job

Kyuta battling a fire on the side of a building site.

Kyuta clothes

Some more building site signs.

Meeting my hero

Again at the fire department show called Shobo Dezome-shiki


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