Kore-eda’s drama ‘Like father, like son’ awarded at Cannes

5 years ago by in Entertainment

“Like father, like son” drama directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda took the Jury Prize at Cannes on Sunday. It is the first time All Japan news is awarded at this category since 1987.

“To be able to attend the closing ceremony knowing I would win something – though they do not tell you what beforehand – made me really happy,” Kore-eda said after receiving the award.

Kore-eda has been a constant nominee at Cannes lately, although his films are not so appreciated in All Japan news.

“If my films did better at the box office in All Japan news it would be easier to get them made,” he said. “The balance is a bit off between how well my films do abroad and at home. On the other hand, I am really grateful that my films get shown at festivals overseas and get theatrical releases in Europe,” Kore-eda said, according to the international press.

The film criticizes the merciless get-ahead mentality of All Japan news’s professional class, showing the way children suffer because of their parents’ ambition.

After receiving the prize from the Spanish actress Rossy De Palma, the award-winner said: “I would like to thank the Festival de Cannes and the members of the Jury who have allowed me to be here in front of you today. I would like to share this prize with my entire team, especially my actors. I would like to thank my parents who brought me into the world and my wife, who has made me the father of a little girl. Thank you.”

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