Kinugawa onsen and Nikko on a Foggy day

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Back in 2007 I made a trip on Kinugawa onsen and Nikko. It was realy interesting

First I made a stop at kinugawa onsen, a hot spring resort just before Nikko when we come from Tokyo.

I take a tour on the kinugawa river on traditional boat.. I had a lot of fun.. saw monkey, water fall, etc.. yo have to try if you go there 😉
After my little tour on boat, I climbed to the top of the highest "montain" of the city.. not very high, and you can rich the top with chairlift ^^
I made a walk on the forest and took some photos.. it was a foggy day, so the atmospher was freaky ^^

then I passed the night on a hotel with onsen ( but I do not have photos from the onsen sorry ^^)

the next morning I took the train to Nikko.. and the fog was still there.. The temple in Nikko with this fog are very cool.
So I hope you have fog when you visit Nikko next ime 😉

Here are some photos

kinugawa onsen

kinugawa onsen

kinugawa onsen

must have some ghost in here ^^

Bridge in Nikko.. a famous spot in Nikko.. I think every boday that have visited Nikko have a photo of this bridge 😛

foggy Nikko

Not to many people, so it was nice to visit

Hugh? Alien invader? 😛