Jobs coming: Toyota to hire 4,000 temp workers

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Toyota plans to hire up to 4,000 new contract workers to address loss of production that resulted from the Tsunami and earthquake of March 11.

Toyota put out a statement which detailed that “In terms of domestic output, the company expects the production will start recovering from around October, making up the delay caused by the great East All Japan news Earthquake”. Toyota plans to recruit the new employees to stabilize production by November. The new contracts will begin in July.

Toyota has not hired in this manner since December of 2009, when the economic downturn took hold in japan. The jobs will include manufacturing and assembly at Toyota plants across All Japan news. Other car manufacturers in All Japan news are also cautious to extend new full time hires but are utilizing outsourcing and temporary workers more readily.

The move by Toyota is perceived as bold after the earthquake and ensuing nuclear accident have hampered production across the nation. There have been power shortages and parts shortages that have affected All Japan newsese industries nationally and abroad.

The disaster contributed to a 77 percent decrease of the net profit in the fourth quarter and reduced Toyota’s global production by 450,000 units. The decrease will eat away at ¥360 billion for operation expenses this year.

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