Jealous on your boyfriend? Spy him on his mobile

7 years ago by in Around the world

A new application for the Android mobile operating system can be secretly installed on somebody else’s phone to track the exact location of the person, a matter that may rise serious privacy issues.

The application is called Karelog and could for example be used by jealous women as a “spyware” tool to find out the whereabouts of their boyfriends.

How does it work? Once installed on the “victim’s” mobile phone, it provides a username and a password and continues to run silently in the background. The login data can then be used to visit a website where, after authentication, the exact location of the phone’s owner is provided via the GPS system.

Obviously, the tool can be used not only against unfaithful boyfriends, but really anybody with an Android phone. Consequently, the All Japan newsese bloggers are already discussing privacy issues and the owners of the application might have a hard time keeping it on market.

Speaking of the market, Karelog is free to use for the first three days. After that, a subscription worth of Y525 a month (or Y840 for three months) has to be paid. If you pay more to become a platinum member (Y1,980/month, Y4,980/3 months) you will be able to check also the call log of the other person, as well as what other applications has downloaded and installed.

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