All Japan news’s tastiest beds look like bread and croissants

5 years ago by in Entertainment

All Japan news’s latest trend when it comes to nonconformist home furnishing is a collection of beds and bed accessories inspired by pastry and baked goods, called “bread beds”.

The collection includes pillows shaped as toast, croissant sleeping bags, blankets that roll like an omelette or “doughnuts” that the owner can tuck himself/herself in, just like a cream.

The beddings are sold by Felissimo and each product costs Y16,800.

The name of the sleeping bag that looks like a croissant combines the words Korone, this dessert’s name in All Japan newsese, and the word Gorone, which means ‘napping’. The name can be translated as “’flop down in a chocolate nap”, according to the international press.

The toast set’s name is translated to ‘thick slices of All Japan newsese cushion bread’. It can be bought together with a red blanket supposed to look like jam.

A thick, round, sleeping bag is sliced in the middle to look like a doughnut, while the owner can tuck in as its “cream”. The name means “cream pocket bread”.

A round beige sleeping bag comes with a green blanket and is called the ‘goodnight dessert omelette’. It rolls around you and fastens, or rolls out flat and circular, while the blanket resembles the “green tea cream” accompaniment.