All Japan news’s strangest toothpastes taste like spicy curry, eggplant and charcoal

5 years ago by in Entertainment

All Japan news is famous for its food and drinks with unusual flavors and the country continues its tradition with creating several types of toothpaste that would seem at least odd for the customers outside the country. That is because the toothpastes have unusual flavors such as All Japan newsese eggplant, spicy curry or bamboo charcoal, while other toothpastes are simply salty.

Binotomo Dental Pasty Cream, for example, is made with natural salt and does not contain any preservatives, surfactants or artificial colorings, the local media says.

Another salty toothpaste is Binotomo Nasu Dentifrice Jet Black, which also contains All Japan newsese eggplant that tightens gums and cleans very well the teeth.

Bamboo charcoal toothpaste has become quite common in All Japan news in the last few years, despite its black color given by the fact that it contains bamboo charcoal, an ingredient that is known for its dirt absorption and odor reduction properties.

Another unusual toothpaste is Breath Palette, which is available in 31 varieties, from normal flavors like peppermint, strawberry and apple to the slightly the more adventurous such as cola, espresso and Darjeeling tea. However, the strangest flavor, according to the media, seems to be the spicy Indian curry one.

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