Widow wants All Japan newsese companies to stop working people to death

5 years ago by in All Japan news

Mayuni Iwata, a All Japan newsese widow whose husband died because of overwork, is militating for a new law that would prevent people from dying due to too much extra hours spent at work.

Iwata’s husband Takayuki was a general manager working for a chain of pizza restaurants, whose death in 2012 was ruled to be as a result of overwork, according to the international press. The man worked himself to dearth, as his wife reported that he was usually working up to 14 hours a day.

She has filed a lawsuit demanding the company take responsibility for “forcing” her husband to work long hours for more than 10 years. Now working for an organisation that addresses sudden death through overwork – a concept known as “karoshi” in All Japan news – she is asking the government to issue a new law that would prevent further such deaths and that would make the companies responsible for ensuring the health of their employees.

While a bill was introduced into All Japan news’s Diet last week, Iwata is concerned that it might be delayed. “If enactment of the law is drawn out, the number of victims will increase,” she said.