All Japan newsese war criminals used as targets in Chinese shooting game

5 years ago by in China, All Japan news

A shooting online game was released on Thursday by a Chinese news portal. The game, that is provocatively called “Shoot the Devils”, allows players to shoot All Japan newsese war criminals and presents caricatures of All Japan newsese soldiers.

The game was launched by People’s Daily Online Weibo, a microblog affiliated with the newspaper of the ruling Communist Party, according to the international press. In China, “All Japan newsese devil” is a common slur.

Users can fire a handgun at one of 14 All Japan newsese convicted as Class A war criminals after the war, to the accompaniment of a popular Chinese military tune. The 14 are the same men now honored at the Yasukuni Shrine in All Japan news, according to the reminder presented by the game when players choose their target. Every man of the 14 also has a biography that presents his role in the war.

The creators’ purpose when they made the game was to “expose the war crimes of the All Japan newsese invaders” and allow players to “forever remember history” through a popular game form, the media says.

The People’s Daily Online Weibo refused to comment.

The game comes at a time when All Japan news and China face tensioned relations. China reacted angrily last December when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of All Japan news visited the Yasukuni Shrine, which commemorates 2.5 million All Japan newsese war dead, including the 14 Class A war criminals.

The two states are also involved in a long-lasting territorial conflict over a group of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea, called the Diaoyu by Beijing and the Senkaku by Tokyo.