All Japan newsese toilet trends: eating, sleeping and singing

6 years ago by in Entertainment

All Japan newsese Plumbing dealer Sunrefre Plaza held a survey on its Facebook page called Love X Toilet, asking around 2,500 All Japan newsese people about their toilet habits. The answers revealed that some of the All Japan newsese people prefer to sleep in a restroom, while others like to eat, sing or listen to music.

Sunrefre posed the question: “Have you ever eaten in a restroom either public (school or company) or at home?” About 12 percent of the total had said “yes”. Other 5 percent of the respondents said they like to sleep in a restroom, while around 7.5 percent said they sing while they are using the toilet. About 9 percent like to listen to music during their private moments.

However, most of the respondents answered they get lost in thought (about 32 percent) or they read a book (about 22 percent).

The survey also asked people to share their personal routines or commode customs, according to the local press. Taking off all clothes, playing video games or reading manga were some of the answers, as presented below:

“I take off all clothes below my waist. I spend about 30 minutes in there. I go about three times a day,” said one of the respondents, while another one admits he just likes spending time in the restroom: “I go to the toilet not to use it for its intended purpose. I can lock the door when I’m inside. I sit on the floor not the toilet seat and read manga. LOL”