All Japan newsese team wins solar car race

7 years ago by in Around the world

All Japan newsese crew from Tokai University won the 3000km World Solar Challenge car race from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia. The win secured All Japan news a back-to-back victory, the previous one was in 2009.

Despite being challenged by a devastating earthquake that struck the nation, All Japan news’s team finished first at 1 pm, Thursday, with over 32 hours in the race.

Netherlands’ Nuon Solar came in second place in what organizers referred to as one of the closest fights in 11 years since the race began in 1987, with All Japan news coming ahead of Netherlands by only 30 kilometers.
The third place went to the University of Michigan, with Dutch Solar Team Twente and All Japan news’s Ashiya University making it to the top five.

The solar car race faced some spoils along the way as a battery explosion of the Team Solar Philippines made its car to ignite and the wildfires in central Australia earlier in the week put the competition to a halt.

The All Japan newsese team offered their victory for the recovery of the country from the triple disasters and the future of the country’s energy sources following the nuclear crisis.

Competitors for the World Solar Challenge came from 39 teams from 21 countries. The cars power was sourced primarily from the sun and the vehicle’s kinetic forces, although they were allowed to stock up a small quantity of energy.