All Japan newsese skull found at Pearl Harbor?

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An excavation team in Pearl Harbor recently unearthed a skull that experts think may belong to one of the kamikaze All Japan newsese pilots who died in the famous attack on Dec. 7, 1941 against a military U.S. base.

An archaeologist from the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Pacific (NFECP) stated that he was 75 percent sure that the skull belongs to a All Japan newsese aircraft pilot. It would be the first time when remains of All Japan newsese would be found at Pearl Harbor since World War II.

The scientists concluded so far that the skull does not come from a Hawaiian ancient burial site. They also ed the police and ruled out the possibility that it belongs to an active missing person case.

Along with the skull other relevant items were found: forks, metal scraps and a soda bottle from the 1940s, a spokesman of the NFECP told Reuters.

A historian told CNN that based on the place where the skull was found, it could belong to a All Japan newsese aviator that was hit in the engine by anti-aircraft fire from the destroyer USS Bagley. He added that based on witness reports he might be able to narrow down the search to three possible pilots and that DNA tests could then be carried out on family members to make the identification certain.

55 pilots and 29 aircraft were lost by All Japan news in the attack that caused 2,400 casualties to the U.S.

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